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Where global trends meet personalized skincare. Discover our range of meticulously crafted products to meet your needs. We deliver premium ingredients to fight various skin concerns such as aging, dullness, and pigmentation. Experience radiant, healthy skin, toxin-free.


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vvbetter is available worldwide, simply choose the marketplace that suits you best

vvbetter ingredients

Carefully selected premium ingredients from around the world ensure the quality of vvbetter products

vvbetter recipes

The innovation and expertise of Korean beauty experts have come together to create an effective product

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All products are cruelty-free, specially formulated for sensitive skin, and have passed non-irritation tests

vvbetter skincare

Brand story

Where Korea's timeless beauty meets the purity of nature. We believe in the power of mild ingredients, curating skincare that blends Korean heritage with modern innovation for age-defying beauty.

Brand Milestones

VVBETTER was started with a vision to redefine beauty by blending the tranquility of Korean roots with the power of using mild ingredients to make for a very very better skin - every day!

May 2021

Launch of the vvbetter brand

March 2022 

Launched 5.5 Soothing cleansing foam and Konjac sponge

coex vvbetter

May 2022 

Participation in the Cosmoprof exhibition in Seoul

October 2022 

K-beauty expo Kintex participation 

November 2022 

Cosmoprof Singapore participation

vvbetter bologna

March 2023

Launched Gentle deep cleansing oil. Cosmoprof Bologna participation

vvbetter mask

June 2023

Launched Rejuvenating squalane mask

vvbetter las vegas

July 2023

Cosmoprof Las Vegas participation

October 2023

K-beauty expo Kintex participation

November 2023

Cosmoprof Hong Kong participation

March 2024

Cosmoprof Bologna participation

vvbetter jeju Yuja toner pad

April 2024

Launched Jeju yuja balancing pad

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